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Embark on an artistic journey with AMCThorn Art's personalized commissions. AMCThorn Art will breathe life into your visions, creating a masterpiece that resonates within. From captivating portraits to enchanting landscapes, your dreams will become tangible art. Sign up now and embrace the exhilaration of owning a unique creation. Unleash your imagination and let AMCThorn Art be your artistic haven. AMCThorn is accepting commissions through

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Safe commissions, for both artist and clients.

Plant Trees

With every art commission done through our Artistree link, Artistree donates to Eden Restoration to plant a tree!

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Wolf Tulu Deep Velvet Blue-Yellow Giclée Print - AMCThorn Art

Heads up! Custom Work Additional Fees

Additional Fees may apply if you want the custom work framed, printed, or both! Also give us a heads up if you want that done on the Artistree request form.

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Art Commissions

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