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About AMCThorn:

Hello, I am AMCThorn. I love to drink coffee and create art. I'm also a dog and cat lover who loves to appreciate nature in my spare time by walking. And enjoying the inspiration around me on the beautiful planet we call home. I had once done traditional works of drawing, painting, and sculpting ceramic pieces, and from the lack of studio space, I decided to work more on my digital art skills. From the struggles of lacking a studio space and working more on my digital art skills, I decided to start my online store. 

Through my artistic journey, I've faced my fair share of doubts about my craft, but my unwavering dedication has brought me here. I take great pride in offering a sanctuary for those who crave skateboards, art prints, and hoodies that reflect your alternative lifestyle and help you stand out from the crowd.

A Place Where the Extraordinary Awaits your Embrace!

Each skateboard design is infused with the essence of my experiences and emotions, capturing the allure of the gothic, the ethereal beauty of the surreal, and the enchantment of the fantasy realm. With every turn and trick, you'll feel the connection and authenticity that sets AMCThorn skateboards apart.

But that's not all – at AMCThorn Art, we understand that expressing your one-of-a-kind personality goes beyond just skateboards. That's why we also offer a diverse range of art prints and urban wear that complements your alternative lifestyle. Whether it's goth, anime, or fantasy-inspired designs, we have something for everyone who embraces their individuality.

Quality is our utmost priority. We use only the finest materials and pay meticulous attention to detail in crafting our skateboards, art prints, and hoodies. When you choose AMCThorn Art, you can trust that you're not just getting a product, but a work of art that is made to withstand the challenges of the skatepark and the test of time.

At AMCThorn Art, we're committed to ensuring your shopping experience is safe, secure, and enjoyable. Your trust and loyalty mean everything to us, and we're here to make your journey with us as smooth as the perfect ride. Explore our diverse range of skateboards and more at AMCThorn Art; and let your unique personality shine through exceptional art. If you want to buy our tech accessories, drinkware, and other decorum check out our Etsy shop linked below.

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Thank you for joining us on this incredible journey. Your support fuels our passion, and we can't wait to see how our skateboards, along with our home decor and clothing apparel, empower you to express your authentic self. Let's ride together, embracing the extraordinary at AMCThorn Art!

Thank you for choosing AMCThorn Art!

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Also, AMCThorn is open to art commissions! If you are interested, scroll down for more info on our art commission platform below:

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